Friends, today we are going to give information about vitamin A.  Some people will know it and some will be unaware. Those who do not know also know for them also for them also.  So let’s take some information and get it.

 What is Vitamin A?

   Vitamin A is a group of types of carbon compounds.  In which retinol, retina, retinoic acid and most especially beta-carotene are found.

 Vitamin A

  1. It consumes the risk of cataract less.

               Vitamin A is used by people who use it as a diet.  Their cataract (which is the most dangerous disease of the eyes) is very rare.  Some people know but there is something that does not know its benefits.

  2. The consumption of it is less likely to cause measles.

              Measles is a terrible disease that can be seen in children.  The scientists have told that if children give vitamin A’s diet, they can get rid of the disease quickly. And the more this disease is due to vitamin A deficiency.

  3. It consumes eye diseases due to its consumption.

           Vitamin A is for most essential eyes.  This is best for every disease of the eyes.  Vitamin A is used for such a blurring.

  4. Its consumption prevents malnutrition.

            The children, women and men suffering from malnutrition, which are beneficial for them.  Malnutrition is a fearful disease that is caused by people who suffer from it because of not taking good diet.  Vitamin A will be beneficial.

  5. The consumption of women during childbirth is less likely.

              The women who are suffering from malnutrition die during their childbirth.  Vitamin A reduces this by 40%.

  6. The consumption of breast cancer in women is less.

              The most common illness in women today is that of breast cancer.  Vitamin A becomes very important for them.  They should always take vitamins diet

 Which fruits and vegetables are found in vitamins?

        1. Watermelons

        2. Guavas

        3. Grapefruits

        4. papayas

        5. passion fruit

        6. mangoes

        7. cantaloupes

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